Entrees include unlimited Garden Salad or Soup, and Bread, as well as your choice of French fries, Hot Chips, Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potato, Hash Browns, Spaghetti, or Vegetable of the day. One non-refillable Cup of Clam Chowder or Chili may be substituted. Split-Plate, which includes your own potato and soup or salad, is available for an additional $3.50.


(our steaks are 1881, Upper Two-Thirds, Choice/Prime, Certified Hereford Beef, and Hand Cut in House)

TOP SIRLOIN 10 oz; our leanest steak cut

NEW YORK STRIP 14 oz; showcasing a delicate flavor and naturally tender texture

RIBEYE 16 oz; high level of marbling, exceptional tenderness, and full of flavor

SPITINI Grandpa Angelo’s Sicilian recipe; tenderized slices of Sirloin steak, brushed with Olive Oil, then rolled with Salami, Provolone cheese, Parmesan Breadcrumbs and Green Onions; Grilled with Bay Leaves


GRILLED CHICKEN DINNER two 6 oz chicken breasts prepared any of the three options below

  •     CHARBROILED Marinated in our Italian Marinade, charbroiled and served with your choice of Lemon Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or Jack Daniel’s Sauce.
  •     PARMESAN CRUSTED Tenderized Chicken, rolled in Parmesan Breadcrumbs, charbroiled, and served with     a Lemon Garlic Sauce

CHICKEN TENDERS Chicken Tenderloins, hand battered and fried, served with your choice of Dipping Sauce


BBQ BABY BACK RIBS slow cooked Ribs, marinated in our own BBQ Sauce Half-Rack  / Full-Rack (No split -meal option for Full Rack)

PORK CHOPS (Charbroiled or Parmesan Crusted) Two 6oz Boneless, Center Cut Chops, charbroiled with your choice of  Lemon Garlic Dipping Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or Jack Daniel’s Sauce.


TORSK delicate, white & flakey, Cold Saltwater Fish; Mild in flavor (Broiled or Beer Battered)

CANADIAN WALLEYE Cold, Freshwater Fish, white and flakey with a clean taste (Parmesan Crusted or Broiled)

ALASKAN SOCKEYE SALMON firm-textured, full-flavored salmon; meaty with medium flakes 6oz / 12oz  (Charbroiled or Blackened) (No Split-meal option for 12 oz)

MAHI MAHI Tropical Saltwater Fish, sweet and mild in flavor. Firm in texture with large, moist flakes (Blackened or Charbroiled)

JUMBO SHRIMP Five, Tail-On Jumbo Shrimp (Beer Battered, Blackened or Charbroiled)

Our Temperature Guide:
Rare = red, cold in the middle
Medium-Rare = red, warm in the middle
Medium = pink, slight red in center
Medium-Well = slight pink in middle
Well = brown throughout